Co-Facilitation - Training For Success


Co-facilitation refers to the facilitation or conduct of training that involves two or more facilitators (trainers) working together in a cooperative and collaborative manner to deliver the learning outcomes of the training effectively. Each facilitator is proficient and skilled to take various training roles such as serving as the lead facilitator, note-taker timekeeper, etc.

Co-facilitation can be highly rewarding when it is carried out well. When we co-facilitate well, we showcase to our learners the power of collaboration and teamwork. However, when facilitation doesn’t go well, it can quickly become a nightmare.

Poor co-facilitation can result in an unproductive learning experience for the learners and a frustrating time for the co-facilitators.

What are the Benefits of Co-Facilitation?

Co-Facilitation offers the following advantages:

1. Shared workload for the facilitators.
2. A variety of delivery styles and personalities which will enhance the learning experience.
3. Multiple facilitators can provide more personalised instruction for participants than a single facilitator could provide.
4. Instructional back-up for challenging situations.
5. More hands-on supervision and support during practical sessions.
6. Ideas to improve on own delivery from seeing co-facilitator in action.
7. Feedback and recommendations for improvement of delivery from other co-facilitator.

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