Terms and Conditions – Train The Trainer International Workshop (Virtual)

To complete this Course, you must attend a 3-Day Tutor-Led Workshop over Zoom and complete “Theories of Training & Adult Learning” Online Self-Paced Module (approximately 3 Hours).
As part of your end of Course Assessment, you must prepare and deliver a 15-minute Interactive Training Session of your choice. You will need to dedicate time outside of the training to prepare for this.
A “CPD Train the Trainer Certificate” will be issued to you upon successful completion of the Course.
We reserve the right to change the content, format, or presentation of our Training Materials at any time, without prior notice; however, we will only do this to enhance the Course.
For the Best User Experience, you must take this Course on a Computer or Laptop and have stable internet, a computer and a printer.
It is your responsibility to inform us of any Special Needs that you have before enrolling in the programme.
All Course fees are non-refundable.

Is this CPD Certificate Internationally Recognised?

Yes, this CPD Certificate is Internationally Recognised.

The grading scheme is as follows:

  • Pass 50% -64%
  • Merit 65% – 79%
  • Distinction 80%- 100%

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Accept Terms and Conditions – Train The Trainer International Workshop (Virtual) Course