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I am writing to you today to thank you formally for all the time and work that you have put into working with our Workforce Learning & Development team who participated in your Online Train The Trainer Course.

The level of commitment and professionalism shown by your organisation, and in particular yourself, has been quite extraordinary. It certainly has gone far above and beyond the scope of what might be expected.

The staff team (numbering over 40) who engaged with you have used adjectives such as, 'amazing', 'professional', 'positive', 'up-lifting', 'supportive', 'understanding' and 'flexible', to describe yourself.

Indeed I must say that from my perspective, I have found you to be very proactive in ensuring that everyone is fully briefing on expectation and processes, and then supported to achieve. I also thank you for your efforts in ensuring that I was kept fully informed of all progress and provided with access to all necessary IT supports via your LMS.

You have been the catalyst for a emergence of what one staff member called 'a fresh energy' within the department and I believe that we have been very fortunate in our working alliance with Training For Success and especially yourself.

Thank you again and I am sure we will communicate much more in the future.
Dr John M. Digney, BSc (Psy), MPM, MSC (Psy), NDip, APPI
National Training & Learning Development Coordinator, Tusla.
Thank you for the top class training delivered to our ‘would be’ Referee Instructors. The participants were in awe of the level of dedication and commitment provided by you and your team to their learning. Over 20 of our instructors have now completed the QQI, Level 6, ‘Train the Trainers’ course with ‘Training for Success’ and we will be delighted to work with you again, hopefully this year. In addition to the highly relevant content of the course our members reported that they could not have asked for more in terms of individual and group support during the course. Your personal availability to guide, support and demonstrate ‘adult learning models’ as well as facilitating individual learning styles were all cited as being central to their success in their feedback about the training.

Our nearly 1500 referees and referee specialists will benefit greatly from the inputs from those who trained with you, not least from the principle of facilitating adults being directly and fully engaged with their own learning.

On a personal level, Frances, I greatly appreciate the regular updates in relation to the engagement and participation levels of the group and for being personally involved in addressing and immediately resolving any issues.

The Association look forward to having an ongoing training relationship with you and I will be in contact in this regard in the short term.

Best wishes and continued success.
Gerard Perry
FAI Lead Refereeing Instructor, Chair FAI Referees Committee
We were so happy to work with Frances and her team in the rollout of "Leadwith Impact Masterclass" & " Train the Trainer Course" within our company.

Frances goes the extra mile with each attendee – that is one of the reasons why we are so happy to work with her. On each occasion, her dedication to the cause is special.

For us, it seems our attendees know Frances before the courses begin, with the personalised touch of ensuring her delivery matches the need of our company. Her LMS experience is exactly what all learners should experience when completing courses like these. Her training caters for so many learning styles.

Importantly the content is excellent, also, throughout the courses, from our experience and we note the differences are obvious in our people, after completing the work with Frances, with new fresh ideas, attitudes & methodology around how we work in our company. A massive thank you to all at Training For Success – you really have made such a difference and we look forward to working with you again.
Paul Harte| Training Manager
We selected Training for Success after a lengthy procurement process assessing multiple other alternatives in the market. What stood out was how customer centric they were from the outset, the support they provided from onboarding and ongoing is exemplary.

The product is easy to use and intuitive in its functionality. The onboarding process was straightforward, the admin functionality easy to use and provides great visibility over training participation and completion, through a suite of reports. It has proven a powerful training tool for our organisation, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdowns where our capacity to train in person was diminished. I would have no hesitation in recommending this solution for any organisation big or small seeking a powerful but user-friendly learning management solution.
Caroline Monks
Project Manager, DID Electrical
The management of the Chartered Institute wish to acknowledge the services of Training for Success in supplying a fully compliant platform for our Computerised Examination programme that can handle up to 10,000 applicants per calendar year.

This platform was designed and built under the excellent supervision and direction of Frances Roche. Frances provided a first-class service on all fronts, including customer relationship, technical queries, administration queries, and excelled in the provision of a very informative training programme to our education officers.

Frances was always available and made sure we had access to the support team for any technical issues that came to light during or outside normal working hours.

The working relationship between Frances Roche and our team while building this platform was one of pure excellence and a pleasure to be part of. It is a relationship that will continue for the foreseeable future.

We at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport look forward to a continued working relationship with Frances Roche and the team at Training for Success to develop new projects for our clients and members.
Jerry Meredith CMILT
Education Services Officer, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).
I am writing this to commend the services of the I.A.O.T.

During the past number of years, our company has collaborated closely with Frances on a few different projects and products of hers.

She and her company “I.A.O.T.” offer very high quality services and I can say that without hesitation that we have been more than satisfied with her work.

One of the projects we have collaborated on has been a particularly mandatory staple of the aviation industry. Through her willing participation and care shown to us throughout the adaptation of this module to our needs, she has produced an excellent interactive and media-rich course, which we now use as standard throughout our ever-expanding organisation. Our employees also have returned glowing feedback about the quality of the course. As is quite often the dubious expectation of online-based learning to be “boring” and often irrelevant, Frances has stuck closely to us to ensure she gives us exactly what we require no stones overturned, and working tirelessly at all times of the day or night to guarantee an enjoyable learning experience.

There’s really nothing more anyone could ever expect from a service provider, so based on always exceeding those expectations I can’t recommend Frances more as a result.

We wish her the very best both personally and professionally.
Anthony Tarpey
OCS Coordinator, Sky Handling Partner, DCS Coordinator.
I have had the pleasure to work in close collaboration with Frances since 2001 when I was trained by Frances and her team to deliver the Ready for Take Off and Amadeus GDS Advanced Diploma course in our College. The training delivered by Frances is very effective.

Frances has always been supportive and helpful to me. She is always on the other end of the phone when I need her expertise and nothing is ever an issue.

My students have been going to the Airport for their practical training for the past 16 years and they always thoroughly enjoy working with Frances and her team. Her enthusiasm is so contagious that they come back to the College energized and ready to tackle the next part of the course. Over the years, the Academy’s qualifications have helped our students gain employment in the travel and tourism sector.

Frances is passionate about the Travel Industry, Training and Education. She has always embraced the latest IT developments resulting in all her courses being now available online. Her courses are always up-to-date with the latest information and data. She is constantly developing new interactive courses, which are relevant to both College students and Training organisations.
Fabienne Chapuis-Osborne
International Travel and Tourism Studies Course Director, Enniscorthy Vocational College.
As Course Director in Travel and Tourism, I have worked with Frances Roche of the International Academy of Travel since September 2001. Our college works in partnership with the IAOT to deliver the IAOT Diploma in International Travel Studies - Airline and Travel Agency Training with Amadeus.

Our course has grown since then and it is thanks to the quality of this course and how it has enhanced both their professional and personal development.

Frances Roche has been a huge support to our college and her knowledge of the travel business has enhanced the development of our course in Travel & Tourism. She is always on hand to give advice and insight into how we should run the course in keeping with the standards of the industry.

She has a passion for her profession that is infectious and her emphasis on professionalism has made our students industry ready. Frances has come to our college to deliver workshops and the students have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. We also do a training day in Waterford Airport in Cabin Crew and Check in, this is an amazing experience as the students get hands on experience of the role. Frances is continually developing her courses and has since moved on to providing some online training modules. The students feel this is so relevant as they are better prepared for the real life job.

Frances does training in interview preparation which is invaluable as they seek employment in the field. She is innovative and has true entreprenurial skill, she is always looking at how she can improve the quality of her courses.

Over the years it has been a true partnership in every sense. I am always struck how interested she is in the progress of our students and is genuinely delighted when they succeed.

It is a privilege to work with someone as professional and motivated as Frances and we hope to continue this partnership in the years to come.
Eilish O’Connor
Course Director Travel & Tourism, Marino College of Further Education
Liberties College has been working in partnership with the International Academy of Travel since 2006.

Over the years Frances and her team have been at the forefront of developing courses that are relevant to the Travel and Tourism Industry. She works very closely with employers to ensure that the course content meets their needs. This ensures that students are well equipped and hold qualifications suitable for their chosen sector.

I am privileged to work closely with Frances, as she is a wonderful motivator to our students. The students experience firsthand what it is like to work in the industry by attending the IAOT’s practical airport based 1-day workshop. The support from her and her professional team is paramount to our success. She works tirelessly supporting both Teachers and students.

Within this rapidly growing and fast changing industry, Frances has ensured that colleges are delivering courses that emulate current employment and she always has time to listen to what teachers and students have to say and hope to achieve.

Every year The International Academy of Travel provides training manuals and online course content to our tutors and students which are engaging and interactive. The Tutors workshops are filled with important content that ensures that we are always up to date with the latest industry changes.

The International Academy of Travel qualifications have certainly increased our student's employment opportunities.

I look forward to many great years ahead.
Dolores Reynolds
Liberties College Course Director
I have been delivering courses developed by The International Academy of Travel (IAOT) for the past twelve years.

During this time I have found the Academy, headed by Ms Frances Roche, to be very professional, friendly and helpful. Tutor training courses are delivered efficiently and effectively. The quality of the learning materials are excellent, up to date and relevant. The training is supplemented by a training manual and there are also excellent on line material. Support from the Academy is second to none, no request is too big or too small.

Students partaking in the Amadeus and Ready for Take Off courses remain engaged and enthusiastic throughout the year which is due to the practical nature of the course and the onsite training they receive. Students are always impressed by the quality of the facilities and the staff on hand during their onsite visits. The training and level of commitment to the travel industry is a credit to Frances and her team.

In short, since joining with the Academy we have not looked back. It has revitalised our tourism course. Successful students have gained employment in various aspects of the industry. Student feedback regarding the courses is extremely positive. I have no hesitation in recommending the Academy and we look forward to continued association.
Ms Catherine O Connor
Travel and Tourism Co-ordinator, O’Fiach Institute of Further Education
Sallynoggin College of Further Education has worked with Frances Roche and the International Academy of Further Education for many years. During that time, we have found Frances a pleasure to work with. She has always been responsive to our requests with regard to new product development.

Frances has organised fantastic training workshops for our staff to improve our skills and also organises training days at Waterford Airport for our students, which they find very interesting and enjoyable.

Frances has been very proactive in using technology to enhance and develop her courses. The online courses work really well and are constantly being improved to reflect best industry practice. Students find the systems reliable and easy to use.

We wish Frances and her team continued success in all their undertaking and look forward to working with them in the future.
Fiona D'Arcy
Coordinator Travel and Tourism, Sallynoggin College of Further Education

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